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5 Tips for Choosing a Sex Toy as a Gift
5 Tips for Choosing a Sex Toy as a Gift

5 Tips for Choosing a Sex Toy as Gift

The gift of a sex toy can be a wonderfully intimate gesture! It says that you care about your partner's pleasure, and that you want him or her to experience more of it. But, like any very personal gift, you want to choose something specific to a gift recipient's likes and desires. Here are 5 tips to help you choose!

1. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page.
Whether it's a stocking stuffer, or the main centerpiece gift of your holiday, make sure you are both ready to rip the paper off this box. Whether your partner will like receiving a sex toy under the tree is one of those questions you should know the answer to before you ask it!

2. Think inside the box (just this once)
Pick a gift within your partner's current comfort zone. Expanding your experiences and horizons is awesome, but it's something you should agree to do together. When you are choosing a gift for someone else, it's likely to be more successful if you pick something at their current experience level. Go shopping together for the life-changing toy.

Is the toy for clitoral stimulation, G-spot sensation sensation, or anal play? Knowing what kind of stimulation your partner prefers will definitely affect your choice of toy. Sometimes a simple external vibe is the perfect gift. But if she is into both clitoral and G-spot sensation, then a rabbit style multi-function toy would be a better match. If your partner prefers no vibration, then a wand can be a beautiful and pleasurable toy.

Find out what your partner already likes; size, texture, material. If you're not already sharing a toy box, sneak a peek! Does he/she like glass toys? Vibrating butt plugs and restraints? Choosing a toy that is in the same realm, but with a little extra luxury or an additional feature is a good plan.

Our grandmother always taught us that a gift should be nice enough that you would want it for yourself, then, just a little bit nicer. It's true of scarves, vases, and yes, even sex toys.

3. Who is this gift for?
Is this toy for you to play with together, or purely for your partner's solo enjoyment? This can influence what kind of controller the toy you choose has. Most toys are suited to either solo or partner play just fine, however some lend themselves to one or the other just a bit more.

There are a few basic choices to consider:
  Remote Control
For a toy you plan to enjoy together, a remote control is a very good friend. A remote allows either of you to control the speed of your toy, plus change the pattern of vibration on the fly, without having to change position.

Buttons make it simple to quickly and precisely adjust the speed or vibration pattern of your sex toy . This is fairly convenient on a toy for partner play; pretty intuitive and easy to navigate. However, if you or your partner have difficulty seeing, or manipulating small buttons you might want to consider a different option.

Depending on your level of dexterity and precision during the throes of passion, your tolerance for button controls may vary. It might take a minute or two to become familiar with how your new toy works, so get acquainted with your toy early and often.

Some, (like many Lelo vibes) have very precise + and - speed choices, along with pattern control. Plus, you can scroll through your preferred speeds and patterns on the fly, at your whim.

Others have a more simple one-touch button control. The Butterfly Kiss is multi-speed, and has a single button you press to cycle through a low/med/high speed. Nice and simple! But, while you can bump up the speed on the fly, you do have to cycle through high speed, to return to lower speeds, or shut the toy off.

Vibes with a dial twist on the bottom are easy to adjust, and don't require a lot of precision. Easy up and down speed control, but occasionally subject to the accidental speed change at an inopportune moment. These are often a little easier to control during solo play.

4. Care and feeding of a new toy
Think about where and when your partner might want to play with their toy.

Bathtub? Then you definitely want something waterproof.
In a home with other people in the next room? Something very quiet is key.
Are batteries always missing from the TV remote because you needed them for a flashlight? Then a rechargeable toy might be a welcome gift.

5. Presentation
What is your partner's favorite color? While ultimately the color won't affect the function, c'mon - who doesn't like presents in their favorite hue? It makes it that much nicer, and shows that you were really thinking of them.

How is it packaged? Some toys come with lovely gift boxes and satin bags, which makes them feel that much more luxurious and special (great for safe storage, too!). But wrapping your gift, or placing it in a gift bag makes it feel that much more special.

Ultimately, it is the thought that counts with any gift. The gift of a sex toy says that you care about your partner's sensual pleasure, and that is a lovely thing! By taking the time to consider your partner's preferences you make the gift of pleasure that much more intimate and sexy. Happy gifting!

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This article was added to our catalog on Friday 13 December, 2013.

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