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Dear Scarlet Girls, Thank you for making my first "sex toy" purchase easier! We wanted to shop ...

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What is a Pleasure Party?

At a pleasure party you get to see everything up close, out of the box, with batteries installed! Plus, you can ask all of "those" questions, and get the answers.

A pleasure party is a lot like other home parties youíve been to.† A group of friends get together, and invite a professional pleasure party consultant to bring her display of sensual lotions, lubricants, and sex toys for a fun, educational, and definitely titillating presentation.

What Happens at a Pleasure Party?

Your consultant will share a bit of information on each product, as it is passed around for the guests to check out.† Youíll get to taste that chocolate flavored body dust, smell and experience the massage oil, feel the tingle of an arousing nipple cream, and see how you look in a glittered body gel!† Then the sex toys come out out of the box!

*Here's a quick tip: You'll get to check out all the vibrators, and other toys up close, but for an idea of how strong the vibration will feel to you, try placing the toy against the tip of your nose when it's switched on. Really! This helps you to decide if you like the speed and strength of vibration in a particular toy, and whether it's too strong, too weak, or juuuuuust right.

Your consultant will explain some of the best features of each sex toy, as the guests pass them around, and answer any of your questions.

Compare the strength and textures of the different vibrators on your hands (or on your nose - see above!).† Youíll be able to tell exactly what the size of a product is, how itís shaped, and be familiar with the elements of each item before you make a purchase decision.

And if you canít decide which of the sensual products you want to take home, your consultant can even show you how to earn FREE products!† When you host your own pleasure party with Scarlet Girl you will earn 10% of your guest sales* in FREE sensual products.

What could be better? A girlís night out, tantalizing and romantic products, and FREE erotic gifts for you!

*Please call the Scarlet Girl office or email for complete details on the hostess bonus.

Why Should I Host a Pleasure Party?

Have you ever driven by an adult bookstore, and wanted to know whatís inside, but felt too intimidated to walk in the door?

Have you heard about a sensual lotion or an exciting new sex toy that youíre just dying to try, but donít know where to find it or who to ask?

If youíve ever been to a pleasure party then you can answer ďNO!Ē to both of these!† If youíve never attended a pleasure party, then youíre in for a treat, because youíll never need to feel intimidated or uncomfortable when making a sensual product purchase ever again.

As a hostess you can also earn free goodies!† By inviting friends to your pleasure party you will earn credit you can use to purchase anything we carry.

Is There a Fee or a Deposit to Host a Pleasure Party?

Yes, there is a hold-the-date deposit to host a pleasure party.† However this deposit is refundable when your total party sales are $400 or more.†

After total pleasure party sales reach the $400 total there is no cost for the hostess - in fact once guest sales reach $400 the hostess actually gets free stuff!

Why the Deposit?

Because Scarlet Girl pleasure party consultants earn sales commission, and not salary, we want to ensure a quality experience for the pleasure party hostess, guests, and the consultant.†

Our consultants LOVE doing presentations for our clients, however this is also their income, so we want to ensure that when a consultant does a pleasure party presentation for a client she is not purely there for the entertainment value.

Whatís in it for Me?

When you host a Scarlet Girl Pleasure Party we thank you by offering you our hostess bonus.† So, you can get free gifts just for having a party, on top of having a great time with your girlfriends while looking at new sensual products!

What is the Hostess Bonus?

Quite simply a hostess will receive 10% of her total guest sales in credit toward her purchase that day, when total sales are over $400.

At the end of the presentation your Consultant will meet privately with the guests who wish to make a purchase.† Once all of the guests have placed their orders the Consultant will add up the total retail sales, and take 10% of this total as a credit for the hostess.

For example, if the guest sales total $500, the hostess will have $50 toward the purchase of any item in the Scarlet Girl catalog that day!

How many guests do I need to have a Pleasure Party?

The more the merrier!
Scarlet Girl policy is to ask a hostess to ensure a minimum of 6 guests for her pleasure party.† Although some consultants do not require this, a larger group means even more fun - and since your hostess credit is based on guest sales, it means more free stuff for you!

This article was added to our catalog on Sunday 24 October, 2004.

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