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Lubricants - Making Relationships Smooth
Lubricants - Making Relationships Smooth

Lubricants - Making Relationships Smooth

Adding a personal lubricant to your love making may be the number one way to improve your sex life immediately, right now, tonight.  Talk about instant gratification!

While a little friction is definitely desirable, too much friction can make things uncomfortable for everyone - just like in every day life.  That’s obvious, but somehow, some people have neglected to add a little extra slip to the lovin’ slide.

Maybe you haven’t experimented with lubricants because you just don’t know which one to choose.  Or maybe it’s because you or your partner still think that using a lubricant means that one of you isn’t “turned on enough the good old fashioned way”.

Well, since we love making people happy, here is some news you can use to make your next lubricant purchase easy as pie! Before anyone starts shaking their head, talking ‘bout how they don’t need any help, here are a few very common reasons for irritating dryness at a time when you want the juices to flow.

You’re ready, willing, and almost able 
Your physical response to arousal may or may not produce the wetness you need for pleasurable sex.  The amount of lubrication your body produces may not even directly connect to how aroused you are. Keep reading to find out why!

Common medications can cause dryness 
Below we list just a few – be sure to ask your doctor if you have questions about whether any of your medications can cause dryness.  And remember, if your medication causes your mouth, nose, or eyes to become dry, it will probably cause vaginal dryness as well!
  • Most allergy medications
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Birth control pills
  • Decongestants
  • Some antibiotics

Yep, let’s face it.  Lots of things about our bodies change as we progress from barely ripe 18 year olds, to the more mature goddess-like creatures we are now.  Some effects of aging as we approach (or pass through) menopause are decreased lubrication, along with changes in vaginal tissue elasticity and acidity.  This can cause discomfort or pain during intercourse.  So add a good lubricant and let the good times roll!

Start drinking your eight glasses of water daily, and you may find that you feel suddenly younger in the bedroom! Yeah, it could actually be that easy.

Types of Lubricants

Now that you know you can be a sexy hot momma, in charge and on top (yes, pun intended), by adding a lubricant to your love life, how do you choose one?  Well, keep reading, there's more sexy lube info just below.

There are many types of personal lubricants available, however at Scarlet Girl we tend to prefer water-based lubricants or only the purest of silicone lube, for many reasons.  Below is some basic info, so you can decide for yourself which lube is the best lube for you.

Oil Based
Oil based products (such as petroleum jelly, hand lotion, or vegetable oil) can quickly break down a latex condom, leaving you and your partner unprotected against pregnancy or infection.  Even if you can't see damage to a condom, oil begins to create micro tears in a condom very quickly - just big enough for a virus, bacteria, or sperm to slip through.

Oil can also be difficult for your body to “wash away”, which can create a safe little haven for a nasty bacterial invasion.  Yuck!

The only, and we mean ONLY, oil that is considered safe for vaginal intercourse is coconut oil. Why?
Well, coconut oil has some antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, largely due to the presence of Monolaurin, a chemical compound naturally found in coconut oil (and breast milk!).

While coconut oil is generally body-safe, remember it is NOT latex condom safe.

Water Based

These are generally recommended as the safest, most body-friendly of personal lubricants.  Because your body easily flushes out water-based lubricants, they are less likely than other types of lubricants to cause irritation or infection.

Another benefit of a water-based lubricant is that you can easily wash it out of your sheets, towels, and lingerie. A possible drawback to a water-based lubricant is that it can tend to absorb or dry up, requiring re-application.  As they dry some water-based lubes can begin to feel slightly sticky, or tacky.  This can vary between brands and consistencies.

Silicone Based
Silicone lubricants offer great staying power, because they do not dry up the way water based lubricants can.  They are safe with condoms, and there is also little, if any, tackiness ever.

However, there are certain drawbacks.  You cannot use a silicone-based lubricant with some silicone toys, because some silicone items can break down when used with a silicone-based lubricant. You should also avoid using silicone-based lube with most Cyberskin toys, as they may also become gummy or "melt". When in doubt, grab a water-based lube; they're safe with all toys!

Because silicone is not water-soluble it can be difficult to wash out of sheets or lingerie.  Additionally, because it is not water-soluble the body does not “wash away” the lubricant as easily as a water-based product, so some women may find it irritating.

Choosing a Lubricant

The best way to choose a lubricant is to try a couple, and pick one based on your personal preference.  This can be based on the thickness or consistency, how long it lasts, the flavor, or other features like warming, cooling, or numbing qualities.  And in our opinion, lubricants are like shoes – you need different ones for different moods and occasions!

Consistency - What feels right to you

A liquid lubricant is slightly thicker than water.  Liquid lubricants like Pink Water (water based) or Wicked Ultra (silicone based) are quite thin, and have a texture that is very close to a woman’s own natural lubrication.  Because it is thin, and very similar to the body’s natural lubrication, it absorbs quickly and may not last as long as some thicker lubricants.  It may dry slightly tacky, but is easily washed off of body and fabrics.

Hybrid lubricants like Sliquid Silk are a newer choice in the world of sensual lubricants.  A hybrid lubricant is a mixture of water-based and silicone-based lube, in one. It's usually slightly thicker than a liquid lubricant, and the touch of silicone helps the glide last longer.  The texture is smooth, and similar to that of a rich facial moisturizer. 

Some gel lubricants, like or Intimage Organics Hydra, are among the thickest available.  Gel lubricants are especially good when including sex toys or anal play in love-making.  Because a gel lubricant is thicker (much the same consistency of a hair gel) it stays where you put it and lasts longer than many other lubricants. 

Gels come in different thicknesses.  A super thick gel like Sliquid Organics Natural Gel is formulated to have a great deal of "cushion". This means it's long lasting, with a lot of slide, and substantive texture; and it makes vaginal or anal sex more pleasurable.

Other jellies, like KY were originally formulated for medical procedures and generally jelly lubricants absorb quickly, so their glide does not last very long.

Now that you know what to look for in a good lubricant, have fun deciding which one is your favorite! And if you want even more info about sex lubricants, check out our other informational article, "The Low Down on Lubricants".

This article was added to our catalog on Monday 04 September, 2006.

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