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5 Valentine Traditions & How to Make Them New Again!
5 Valentine Traditions & How to Make Them New Again!

Five Ways to Shake Up Your Valentine’s Day

by Kate Duttera

Psst! If this article inspires some romantic exploration, use code VDAY15 for a free gift and 10% off anything you want, from ScarletGirl.com. Ok, thanks, read on!

Relationships are great. After more than five years together I love just cuddling in bed with my hubby and watching movies, making dinner together, or taking our kids on a Sunday morning trip to the coffee shop. Being a domestic goddess is much more satisfying than I would have believed in my wild single days, especially with all the unspoken I-love-you’s that get woven into each day.

Still, when Valentine’s Day approaches the idea of going out on a date - and of shaking up our normal routine – pops up again as well. But over several years of birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Days and other special events, many ways of celebrating our love have started to grow stale, typical, and clichéd.

We’ve never been a tradition-minded couple in the first place (he plays guitar in a metal band, I write erotic fiction), so this year I challenged myself to come up with a list of popular Valentine’s Day traditions and ways to make them new again, to shake up my Valentine and my relationship.

These five new ways to celebrate are great for a date night or a special occasion, so grab your honey and start planning!

1. Tradition: Box of Chocolates
Shake-Up: Chocolate Fondue

I’d be just a little bit sad if chocolate wasn’t involved in Valentine’s Day in some form. But the standard boxed assortment just doesn’t get me going in the same way as a pot of warm, melted chocolate with long dipping sticks.

You can make it at home with a double boiling pot, or turn make it a night out by doing dinner at a fondue restaurant like The Melting Pot, which has locations all over the United States and even in Hawaii.

Melted chocolate can be messy, though. So be prepared to lick fingers… and anywhere else it might happen to drip. Chocolate is always inspiring.

2. Tradition: A bottle of champagne
Shake-up: Fancy-pants Beer tasting

Champagne has a well-deserved reputation for being classy and sophisticated. But so too, do a lot of beers these days, especially at smaller local breweries, where they often take the craft of making beer just as seriously as vintners do their craftwine. And a lot of breweries offer tours of their establishments, complete with tastings and pairings.

The Mister in your life may really enjoy the opportunity to exercise his masculinity on Valentine’s Day (a day typically all about rose petals and softness), and you’ll get to bond with him over a new experience. Plus, lots of strong beer!

3. Tradition: Buying new lingerie
Shake-up: Taking boudoir photos

Boudoir photos are all the rage, and there’s certain to be a photographer in your area who would be glad to help you put together such a personal, intimate gift.

Our partners see us in our skivvies on a daily basis, but the glamor and beauty of a posed photo shoot, complete with sexy lingerie and costumes, and full hair and make-up, is something so much more. If you’re short on time or cash, you can DIY the experience and slip into your sexiest little something and set your camera on a timer. Trust me, your partner will love it either way!

If you decide to create your own boudoir shots, check out these tips from an expert on how to look your best in lingerie. Then, click away!

4. Tradition: Sending a greeting card
Shake-up: Reading an erotic novel

If you’re choosing something to read together, make sure it’s worth your time. There are hundreds of erotic novels to be had, one for every taste, from the deliciously vanilla to the whips-and-chains variety. The 50 Shades of Grey trilogy has gained popularity recently, but if that kind of kink isn’t your thing, don’t be turned away completely.

Paperback romance novels have some steamy scenes in them, and reading those out loud together is a hot and unexpected way to get the fires burning! There is a library of free erotic stories at ScarletGirl.com to get you started!

5. Tradition: Giving diamond jewelry
Shake-up: Giving Custom Fingerprint Jewelry

Far be it from me to suggest that you turn down a diamond if it’s offered. But for couples who have been together a long time, it’s often the unexpected and unique that can have the most value. Custom fingerprint jewelry, like the kind made by rockmyworldinc on Etsy, are gorgeous and completely individual -- they’re YOUR fingerprint!

These take some time to order since they are custom made, but the effect is so stunning, it’s worth it. Your partner will have a reminder of you, close to their heart, wherever they go.

It's always the thought, caring, and planning behind a gift that means the most. Especially when that gift is a symbol of your love!

Copyright ScarletGirl.com

Author, Kate Duttera, is a freelance writer living in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, their two kids, two ridiculous cats, and an incredibly robust goldfish. You can find her online at KateDuttera.com.

This article was added to our catalog on Friday 23 January, 2015.

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