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Body Work


Erotic fiction by Michele London

Jenny perched on the edge of the freeway partition, watching traffic blow past her as a plume of steam rose from her engine. With the hood propped up, the poor beast looked like a sick dragon, coughing up steam and gasping for life. She took another swig from her bottle of water and scanned down the road for any sign of the promised tow truck.

She tried to stay calm and relaxed. She’d already missed the meeting and sent an email to her colleagues to explain. No sense getting antsy over it now. Still, it bugged her. She’d worked weeks on that presentation, and even though she trusted Trevor to do it justice, not being there to give it herself was frustrating. A lot.

And it was hot. And she was hungry. And visions of outrageous repair bills were starting to dance through her head. She was already gearing up to do battle with whichever greasy mechanic showed up and tried to convince her she needed a hundred unnecessary parts. Because she was a woman, so how would she know differently? Psh. Idiot.

As a trickle of sweat invaded her eyesight Jenny dug into her purse for a hair tie. She twisted her long brown hair into a quick bun at the top of her head. Ugh. So sweaty. Where the hell was the damned tow truck?

She looked down the line of oncoming traffic yet again, and finally -- finally! -- there it was. The black and yellow vehicle of her salvation coming up the road. She stepped back out of the way as the driver pulled off onto the shoulder in front of her car. Jenny’s pulse kicked into sudden overdrive now that the truck was here, as all her determination to be a firm negotiator and not get swindled or taken for a ride by some con artist mechanic was about to be tested.

The truck stopped and the door swung open, and a man in blue-grey coveralls stepped down from the driver’s seat. Tanned arms stuck out from sleeves that were cuffed to the elbow. His heavy work boots stopped just shy of where she was standing, and he gave her a handshake and a smile.

    “Hi, Jennifer Norris? Did you call Genuine Auto for a tow?”
    “That’s me. And this is my pathetic hunk of metal. Glad you finally made it.”
    “Yeah, sorry about the wait,” he said, raking a hand through short hair the color of dirty bricks.
    “Lots of calls for overheats today. Is that what’s going on here?”
    “No,” she said. “It’s the serpentine belt, I’m almost sure.”

Jenny turned to stare at her engine bay again, as if scanning it a tenth time would magically fix it.
    “I just had the 60k service done, too. Six months ago.”
    “Hmm,” he said from under her hood. “Looks like the rubber cracked...”

Jenny’s eyes wandered from the nimble yet grease-stained fingers probing at her engine to the man’s wide, lean torso. It tapered down to a waist that was obviously trim despite the bulkiness of the jumpsuit, and a backside that was also, obviously, in very fine shape. Most mechanics she’d known weren’t exactly in the best of shape; laying under cars all day wasn’t much of a workout. This one must though. Probably played basketball, maybe soccer. He probably looked amazing with his shirt off.

    “Well, let’s get you back to the shop and see how it looks from there.”
    “Sorry, what?” Jenny replied, blinking herself back to reality.

He wiped his hands on a once-red shop rag and dabbed at the sweat on his forehead with his sleeve.
    “There’s not much we can do out here. Gotta get you towed back to the shop.”
    “Oh right, yeah, of course.”

Of course. How could she have forgotten? The expensive tow and repair job that she’d been dreading. Still, she couldn’t avoid all of it. The repairs had to be done and they couldn’t be done on the shoulder of the interstate. So she moved aside and let him hook her car up to his truck and get it rolled up onto the flatbed and secured.

When it was done, he came around and held open the passenger door of the truck. Jenny had to hike up her skirt by a couple of inches to make the high step up into the cab. The mechanic offered her his hand to help her in and she took it without stopping to think. His palm was warm and his fingers closed around hers with a firm but gentle grasp.
    “Thanks,” she said, settling into the seat.

He smiled in reply before closing her in. Jenny stole a glance at her face in the side mirror before he could make it to his side of the truck, to be sure she wasn’t blushing as red as she felt. When he started the engine a blast of cold air hit her at the same time as a blast of Metallica from the speakers. He rushed to turn down the music.

    “No, that’s okay. I like Metallica. So. Ah, what did you say your name was?”
    “Cody,” he replied.
    “Cody the car guy.”
    “That’s me.”
    “How long have you been doing it? Working on cars, I mean?”
    “Oh, since I was about sixteen. Got my first car for my birthday and had to figure out how to make it run.”
    “Sounds like fun,” she said. “I started my freshman year.”
    “Working on cars?” he asked, a grin pulling up the corner of his mouth.

Jenny gave a small smile.
    “Yes. My dad owned a shop. He taught me how to make things work.”
    “Ah. So what you’re trying to tell me is, I shouldn’t try to take advantage of you?”
    “Don’t worry. I’m an honest mechanic. I swear they exist.”

Jenny was ready with a quick retort, but when she saw that he was smiling again she bit back her words and laughed. Cody turned the music back up and they rode the rest of the way to the shop without talking.

He showed her where the free coffee was and offered her a bottle of water. The shop’s air conditioner was running on high and already she felt the heat seeping out of her skin.
    “Just sit tight,” he said. “I’ll go get back under your hood and see what I can do.”

She watched him walk out into the sweltering heat of the shop floor, where her car was waiting with its hood popped. It would probably take him about half an hour to fix her broken belt, then bring her the bill, which she would pay, and leave, and hopefully not have to see the inside of an auto shop again for a long time.

Jenny set her coffee down and followed him out towards her car. The weight of the heat was instant and a sweat broke out on her skin almost immediately. Cody peeked out from behind the car at the sound of her heels on the concrete.

    “Come to watch me?” he asked.
    “I told you you weren’t going to be able to try anything funny on me, car guy.”

He only looked at her for a moment, but his eyes seemed to burn right through her clothes. She felt his glance kindle whatever it was that had been simmering in her belly ever since he’d shown up on the freeway. He went back to his work without answering, but his grin warmed her face.

She picked her way closer, over cables and around tools, and placed a hand on the raised hood to look in herself. His arms were corded with muscle and just as smudged as his hands. Jenny had a sudden flash of those hands travelling up her stomach, leaving a trail of dirt and grease in their wake.

    “I’m not used to working with an audience,” he said.
    “I’m not used to being the one not working.”
    “We’ve all got to take a break sometime. You think I don’t kick my feet up as soon as I’m done here every day?”
    “I kick back.”
    “In that skirt?”

He hadn’t raised his eyes, but she gave him a coy grin anyway.
    “I change. I have...more comfortable clothes.”

His hands stilled for an instant over her motor, a hesitation that he quickly covered and cleared his throat in renewed concentration.
    “Every Friday night, actually,” Jenny said, “I’ve got my little ritual.”
    “Yeah? And what’s that?”

She shifted her stance, the hard floor uncomfortable beneath her high heels.
    “Well, I light a big candle in my bathroom and I put on some music --”
    “More Metallica?” he asked.
    “No, Norah Jones or Radiohead, usually. I mix myself a cocktail and I shut the door and just kind of, relax.”
    “In the bathroom?”
    “In the bath!” she replied.
    “Ah, right. So let me see if I’ve got this straight.” He stopped working and looked up.     “Your way to relax is to have a vodka cranberry, by candlelight. Alone. In the bath.”

Jenny’s clothes suddenly felt very constricting and her heart began drumming in her throat.
    “Right,” she said.
    “That...that’s it.”

The air in the shop had changed somehow, grown hotter or more humid, something that was affecting Jenny’s ability to breath it. Cody’s smile had faded and an altogether different look had suffused his face. Jenny felt words bubbling up from her chest and her face flamed at the thought of them even as she spoke them out loud.
    “What do you do to relax?”

He wiped his hands on the shop rag and stepped over his tool box to reach her. When he was close enough to touch her he spoke in a low voice.
    “Do you want to come see?”

His fingers trailed down the outside of her arm, down into her palm to wrap gently around her hand in invitation.
    “Okay,” Jenny whispered.

Without another word he led her towards the back of the cavernous shop, to where a plain grey door led into a square room set up as an office. It was cluttered but tidy, with a big desk in the corner and a grey leather couch against the opposite wall.

As Cody shut the door behind them Jenny’s nerves began to fail her.
    “This looks like a place to work,” she said, forcing a laugh, “not where you unwind. If you’re going to show me some stupid video game that you play, that doesn’t count. I’m talking about --”
    “What?” he asked.

He was close to her again, his fingertips toying with her own, staring into her face with exactly the same feeling that was burning through her skin.
    “What were you talking about?” he said. “What was it that you...had in mind…?”

He lowered his mouth to hers, sliding his hand around her head to cradle her closer. He was insistent but gentle, taking the situation in hand but letting her lead the way. He held her face to his and tasted her lips over and over again, until finally her tension eased and all she could think about was kissing him back.

Tentatively, Jenny reached up and put her hands on his waist. He was warm and solid beneath his coveralls and it sent a thrill through her core to imagine his hips positioned above her. His hands were busy as well, slipping down from her face to explore the rest of her body. At first he simply gripped her around the small of her back. But then he dropped lower, cupping the round of her bottom and kneading the soft flesh there with his fingers.

Cody deepened his kisses, probing her mouth with his tongue as he walked her backwards towards the desk. When the cold edge pressed into the back of her legs Jenny sat, shuffling papers and books and pens out of the way.

He moved his mouth to her neck and his hands to the buttons of her blouse. Jenny worked at the zipper on his coveralls. Oily smudges stained her shirt where his hands hand been, smudges that would never come out, but she didn’t care.

Cody let out a muffled groan of satisfaction when her breasts were exposed and in his hands, and he squeezed her through the satin of her bra. His fingers dipped below the cups, running over the sensitive peaks of her nipples with his rough and calloused skin. She arched up to give him better access.

His mouth came down over the hard buds, nipping and sucking at them through her bra until the thin fabric clung to her with moisture. She wrapped her legs around his to draw him closer, fresh desire zinging through her with every pass of his tongue over her flesh.

Suddenly bold in her desire, Jenny sat up straight and pulled at the sleeves of his coveralls, pushing it down and off his shoulders. He wore a white t-shirt underneath it and she tugged that off as well. Damn. She’d guessed right. An expanse of tight muscle and tanned, tattooed torso met her appreciative eye.

As soon as his head was free of the garment Cody returned to his work, this time pulling her breasts out of their confinements completely. Jenny tugged her skirt higher, until the hem was at her hips and her thighs were bare. Cody ran his hands down over them, sliding into the warmth of her inner leg and applying a promising pressure.
    “I want to taste you,” he said into her mouth. “Is that alright?”

She could barely do more than nod her assent, her head still swimming from the skilled attentions he’d given her breasts.

Cody fell to his knees in front of the desk, parting her legs. She hooked her knees over his shoulders, and he let out a sound that was part groan, part laughter.
    “You’re going to kill me, gorgeous.”

He pressed small kisses into her thighs, working his way up towards her burning hot center. When his fingers brushed her skin Jenny jumped, but he only moved aside the delicate covering of her panties and smiled.

His tongue came first in short, testing flicks, teasing the little bud of her clitoris that was already throbbing with need. Then he layered on long, luxurious strokes, covering every part of her, drawing a warm, wet path over her shaking sex and twirling circles around her building orgasm.

Jenny’s thighs began to tremble and her breath was tight in her chest. Cody doubled his efforts, increasing the pressure of his mouth and the speed of his tongue. She felt the wave surge up and over her and she dug her fingers into his hair, holding on for dear life as his tongue drove her into helpless shudders that racked her entire body.

He pulled away and let her relax. As her breathing returned to her Jenny drew her hands up along her stomach, revelling in how sensitive her orgasm had left every inch of her skin.

    “Oh my god,” she said, lost for anything more eloquent than that. From beneath her, Cody chuckled.
    “Can’t say I’ve ever done that before,” he said, rising up to sit down next to her.
    “Could’ve fooled me.”
    “No, I mean, I’ve done that. Just not on my desk. Good angle for it.” Jenny laughed at that and struggled to sit up herself.
    “Wait a minute,” she said, “I thought you said this was where to come to...relax.”
    “Well, yeah. I take naps on the couch. What did you think, that I make a habit of servicing my clients in here after I’ve serviced their cars?”

Despite the cheeky grin on his face Jenny felt herself blushing. She had been thinking that, actually.

Cody reached down and picked up her blouse. It was covered in dark green and brown stains, motor oil and engine grease.
    “Sorry,” he said. Jenny shrugged.

Cody pulled his own shirt back on and started doing up the zipper of his coveralls.
    “Wait...what about you?” Jenny asked. “Don’t you want to…”
    “No rush,” he said. “You can do the work next time.”

When realization dawned on her face he gave her a wink. “Unless you were just planning on taking advantage of me?” he said.
Jenny felt her blush redden.
    “No. I mean, yes. I...there can be a next time.”

Cody placed a soft kiss on her cheek before disappearing back out onto the shop floor. And even though the office was an air conditioned bastion away from the oppressive heat of the day, Jenny grew warm all over again.

Copyright ScarletGirl.com

Michele London is an author, editor, and romance consultant with Scarlet Girl. She is a regular contributor to Scarlet’s Letter and the archive of articles at ScarletGirl.com. She writes dark fiction and erotic fantasy, and dips into real-life tales of sexy for the lovely ladies as a Scarlet Girl pleasure party consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you like this bit of erotica, and would like to see more, please let us know.
In the meantime, for 10% off the items of your choice from ScarletGirl.com, just enter code "BODYWORK14" into the Coupon Section at checkout.

This article was added to our catalog on Wednesday 01 October, 2014.

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