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The Alpha

The Alpha

Erotic fiction by Michele London

Jenna pumped her legs faster than she thought possible, panic and a basic instinct to survive ordering her body to move, go, run, go now or die. She could hear them behind her, their delirious laughter splintering against the empty buildings and dark windows of downtown.

They weren’t yet at her heels...they didn’t need to be. They could be on her in an instant and they knew it, and they were taunting her as she used up every ounce of strength she had left to flee from them.

Still she ran, convincing herself if she just made it around one more corner, down one more block, she could lose them.

Then, one appeared in her path. He was at the next intersection, standing with his feet braced on the pavement and his hands at his sides, a smile on his cocked head. Jenna stopped short, aware now that running was useless, jerking her head frantically around for some other means of escape. Which was how she saw the second vampire, loitering against a building not three feet from her with his arms crossed over his white t-shirt, like some kind of demented James Dean.

Jenna couldn’t breath. Pleading was impossible. She sank to her knees and tried not to throw up, her hand pressed to her tight, heaving chest as dots of light swam in front of her eyes.
    “It is a nice night for a run, I’ll give you that,” said the one closest to her. “But it’s given me a powerful appetite. What about you, Jack? Hungry?”

The other one had crossed the distance in less than a heartbeat and they both stood over her now, long fingers curling like claws just near her head. She could hear them coming closer, feel the moisture of their sickly sweet breath on her neck as they panted with hunger and greed.

A scream cut through the night air, the yowl of a dying animal, and one of the vampires was gone. Jenna looked up and saw the face of the other vampire just as confused and terrified suddenly as she was. And then a great bulky mass tackled him from the side, knocking him to the ground and rolling out into the street.

She watched, dumbfounded, as the two bodies whirled together on the asphalt, the vampire’s slim frame being manhandled by the other, larger creature. Snarls and growls echoed into the still night until, finally, the chaos ceased and the noise came to an abrupt halt. The vampire was dangling above the ground, his neck caught in the meaty grip of a being nearly twice his size.
    “I should kill you,” said the larger. “But I’m feeling merciful at the moment. Go back to your nest and tell your brethren they do not hunt in my territory. Understand?”

A squeak of assent came from the vampire, and when he was released he disappeared faster than Jenna’s eye could track, streaking off into the darkness without a sound.

The big man looked in the direction the vampire had gone, finally giving a grunt of approval that he was truly gone before looking away. Jenna froze, trying to be invisible. Yes, this man, whoever he was, had saved her from the vampires, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t also her enemy.

His hand appeared in front of her face and she flinched. When it didn’t strike her, however, she looked up.
    “Are you hurt?” he asked. She shook her head.
    “Come. I’ll see you safely away from here. Those, men, won’t trouble you again.”

She took his hand and he helped her stand. It brought her closer to him than she’d expected, and she inhaled the scent of pine and smoke that clung to his clothes and skin.
    “How can you fight the vampires like that?” she asked.

His eyes flashed with surprise at her knowledge of the word, but quickly settled back into matter-of-fact hatred. “Vampires. Parasitic scum. If you know of their kind then you must also know of mine. I’m a werewolf.”
    “Oh. Of course.”
    “And you are?”
    “Jenna the human?”
    “Oh, um, yes.”
    “I thought as much. This city is the territory of my pack. The vampires know they are not allowed within its bounds. Clearly, they were in need of a reminder.”

Jenna winced at the violence that hardened his features.
    “What did you do to the other one?” she said, wishing a second later that she had not.

But the werewolf noticed her look of fear and softened his expression.
    “It is not fit for females to hear. Come, let us go. It is time you were home.”

They started walking. Her apartment wasn’t far and he fell in step beside her as she led the way. The streets around them were dark and quiet, the city asleep for the night.
    “My name is Sam,” he said, startling her. “You gave me your name, now you have mine.”

Jenna’s body was still teaming with adrenaline, and the jump now was enough to set her heart racing again. She stopped walking and reached out for the side of the nearest building to steady herself.
    “Are you all right?”

Sam stopped and made her face him. She was plainly still shaken from her encounter, as he might have expected her to be. What he did not expect was the sudden surge of protective instincts that flared up in a rush of hot anger as he looked down at her. She was only a human. A small human who was no doubt in need of the protection of some male...but certainly not him. He was the Alpha. He had the entire pack to oversee.

He caught himself staring at her mouth and looked away. He had no business thinking of marking her as his; she should not even know of his existence.

    “Yes,” she said, “I’m fine. Just, jumpy.” Sam wrapped his arm around her shoulders before he could stop himself, pulling her in against his side.
    “You are safe now,” he said.
    “Thank you,” she whispered.
    “Tell me,” he said, as they walked on. “How is it you know of our kind?”
    “My aunt. She had the sight. She made sure I knew about the, well, the rest of the world.”
    “Why? Surely the knowledge is a burden for you.”
    “She wanted me to be safe. You can’t protect yourself from an enemy you don’t know, or kill the enemy you cannot see.”

He wanted to laugh at how like a warrior she sounded. A fire smoldered in his belly at the sound of such steel in her voice. Perhaps she was not so defenseless after all.
    “Those two, tonight. They surprised me, stole my weapons. I couldn’t think what to do, I, I just ran,” she said.

They were in front of her building now. He placed his hands on her shoulders. They felt so thin and delicate under his palms, and the urge to protect her, possess her, came over him again.

    “You will be safe now,” he said. “You have nothing more to fear from their kind.”
    “Thank you for saving me, Sam. Will I, see you again?”
He hesitated for a moment, then shook his head.
    “No. I think not.”
    “Oh,” she replied, and there was no mistaking the disappointment in her tone. “Well, in that case… thank you. Again.”

She held out her hand to him. He took it, and when his skin touched hers a fresh current jolted his instincts alive. He pulled her into him and kissed her, crushing her close to taste every part of her.

Jenna’s shock quickly gave way to hunger as Sam’s tongue explored her mouth. He was pressing all the air out of her, squeezing his arm around her waist and bruising her with his kiss. He suckled at each lip individually and then took them between his teeth, and when she moaned he did it all again. She felt her body go liquid she was so hot and pliable from his sudden need.

He pulled away with an abrupt groan but did not release her from his grasp.
    “Mine,” he growled as he nuzzled his way up her neck.

Jenna shivered and held onto him for support, unable to care whether he took her right here in the street or slung her over his shoulder and carried her off. She’d never encountered a werewolf before tonight, and it came to her that maybe her Aunt’s warnings about them had been for a different reason altogether. Because she hadn’t known this one for more than an hour, and already her body was responding to his growl of possession as if was true, had always been true.

When he looked down at her, panting, a yellow glaze was clouding his eyes.
    “Take me to your chamber,” he ordered.

She complied, fumbling her key in the lock as he towered behind her until at last they were inside, down the hall, pushing into her apartment.

Sam no longer bothered with words. Once her door was closed behind them he pounced on her, peeling off her jeans and sweater, biting through satin and lace undergarments with the wolf’s teeth that were sharpening at the scent of sex in the air. He had her naked in seconds, and lifted her back up into his arms, carrying her to the wide, soft couch that filled a wall in her living room.

He set her down upon its cushions and pressed her back into them with another devouring kiss. His teeth nipped at her skin but she didn’t pull away, instead softening even more beneath his touch.
    “I want to taste you,” he said, moving his head lower down her body.

The soft, slick skin at the cleft between her legs was was burning to the touch, her moisture spilling out over his fingers as he opened her to his mouth. He took her sensitive core between his lips and drew it out, needing to taste her as badly as he needed to breath. She jerked and cried out at the sudden pressure on the delicate area. He flattened his hand on her stomach and nuzzled deeper into her, running his tongue in rapid twisting circles through her hot flesh and breathing in the scent of her desire for him.

Her thighs tightened around his head but he pushed them down again, urging her higher, feeling her muscles start to quiver and her breathing quicken into short, shallow gasps. And then it was upon her, tearing unhindered cries of pleasure from her throat and saturating her with a fresh wave of moisture.

He kept his mouth on her long after the spasms of her climax had died away, leaving her limp and sweating across the cushions. She could do nothing but watch as he pulled himself up onto his feet and made quick work of his boots and leather pants, all the while conscious of a pulsing need that remained to be taken by him, marked and possessed as a female by this male who was hers.

Before he could speak she had widened her legs for him again, guiding him between her hips. His erection was enormous, as she might have expected it to be on a creature as virile as a werewolf. He stroked himself with one hand and splayed the fingers of his other hand over her sex.

He eased her open and she relaxed for him, taking in the entire length and breadth of his male need with a sharp hitch of her breath. God, but he filled her. So full and so completely that it should have been painful, and yet all she wanted was to pull him closer and deeper and feel him touch every part of her from the inside.

He did not move slowly to spare her. He pumped hard into her hips, thrusting into her to his very root and taking her as fast and as eager as an animal in heat. She was wet from his tongue and her own juices and he moved easily within her, pressing against her hidden place until she felt her orgasm rising again.

He turned her on the couch so that her back was presented to him, angling her hips into the air until he could find his way between them again. He gathered up her hair in his hand and pulled her up to press against his stomach.

    “You’re mine,” he breathed into her ear, the word coming out amid the pants of exertion and his own building release.
    “Yes...yes...all yours. Take me…”

His hand came up to hold her chest, bracing her against the increasing force and speed of his thrusts. Jenna threw her head back on his shoulder and let him move her body, no longer aware of the noises she made or the things she said. When he came, he held her hard and yelled out a string of words in a language she didn’t understand, but in a tone that made their meaning obvious.

After several moments he let her go, and she eased herself into a sitting position on the couch. He wouldn’t look at her as he dressed himself, and a flush of shame began creeping its way up Jenna’s face. Was he already embarrassed by what he’d done? Was she so difficult to look at?

    “Forgive me,” came his low, quiet voice.
    “Forgive -- for what?” she asked.
    “It was not my intention to, use you the way I did. It is the way of the hunt, at times, it boils the blood and makes males eager to mate. As the Alpha, I should have had more control over myself. I saved you from those bloodsuckers only to attack you myself. It is inexcusable. I beg your forgiveness.”

Jenna opened her mouth and blinked several times. Not quite the speech she had been expecting. She had no idea how to respond to the largest man she had ever seen, a man who practically radiated testosterone and power and dominance, begging her to forgive him. For sex. Amazing sex. Sex she was still weak and a little dizzy from and that she was imagining doing again.
    “I...forgive you. But you don’t have to apologize. Not for my sake. I liked it, if you couldn’t tell.”

Sam smiled and took her hand. She was gazing up at him, a look of encouragement on her face that was enough to soften his resolve. True, it was a matter of honor that he not behave like such a low beast. But there was no arguing with the way she had reacted to him, and he to her for that matter. And if she were willing, on ceremony, to release him from the burden of shame, then he would not let it trouble him further.
    “I enjoyed it as well,” he said. “I haven’t hurt you?”
She shrugged.
    “Not in a bad way.”

Sam felt the tensing of muscles that meant his beast was awakening again. He pulled her up from the couch and kissed her, exploring her body once more with his hands. “You should not say such things in my hearing,” he said.
    “Such things? As what, these?”

And she raised up on her toes and put her mouth to his ear, and as he listened a rumble began in Sam’s chest and the heat in his groin grew hotter, until he cut off her words with a kiss and toppled them both back onto the couch again.

Copyright ScarletGirl.com

Michele London is an author, editor, and romance consultant with Scarlet Girl. She is a regular contributor to Scarlet’s Letter and the archive of articles at ScarletGirl.com. She writes dark fiction and erotic fantasy, and dips into real-life tales of sexy for the lovely ladies as a Scarlet Girl pleasure party consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you like this bit of erotica, and would like to see more, please let us know.
In the meantime, for 10% off the items of your choice from ScarletGirl.com, just enter code "ALPHA13" into the Coupon Section at checkout.

This article was added to our catalog on Wednesday 02 October, 2013.

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