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Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Erotic fiction by Michele London

Alana set her bags on the kitchen table and started peeling off layers of winter clothing. She breathed a sigh of relief and scooped her hair up off her neck and into a loose bun.

She started picking through the various bags she’d brought home that day, laying out each of her purchases on the table to survey the fruits of her labor.

    “Book for Aunt Paula; earrings for Megan; cd and headphones for Mark; Mom’s perfume; the tea set for Janie; new robe and slippers for Grandpa; game controller for Aidan. And,” she finished, taking a sip from the paper coffee cup she’d carried, “peppermint latte for me. Well, that’s a successful shopping day, I think.”

Alana stuffed everything back into a bag and hefted them into the closet of her old bedroom. There was more space in there now than there ever had been when she’d lived there; her mother had packed up most of her college things and stowed them in the attic. All that remained there now were winter coats and a few old suitcases.

After closing the door on her stash of presents, still feeling chilled, Alana decided that a nice, hot shower was in order.

Since she was in the house by herself, she left the bathroom door cracked for the steam to escape and stepped under the pounding spray of the nozzle. She hummed Christmas carols as she rinsed out her hair and scrubbed away the stress of the morning. The mall had been chaotic; why she’d thought to go there, of all places, she still didn’t know. She should have gone along Park Street, and tried some off the cute smaller shops there. But then, she had needed that game controller and the mall was the only place to find that. Well, it was done now; next time she’d know better.

    “Oh, sorry, ah, is there another bathroom?”

Alana opened her eyes from her musings to see a girl she did not know poking her head in through the crack in the door. Instinctively, she ducked behind the minimal coverage of the towel hanging on the outside of the shower door.
    “Down the hall, last door,” she replied.
    “Thanks,” the girl said, keeping her eyes averted, and clicked the door shut behind her.

Alana rolled her eyes in embarrassment when she was alone again. Of course. Starting the family gathering in the best possible way, by humiliating herself in front of Andy’s new girlfriend. That’s who it had to be. Alana knew Andy and Kristen had planned to arrive that day; she hadn’t expected them until dinner. It was a long drive from Farmington and Andy had texted that they’d gotten a late start. Not that late, clearly. And here she was practically showering in public while the poor thing was just looking for somewhere to pee. Alana could only hope she hadn’t horrified the girl so much that the rest of the visit would be miserable and awkward.

She stepped out of the shower and into her robe and scurried back to her bedroom before she could be caught in another nude encounter. She heard voices in the kitchen; her cousin Andy, her mother, and a third she assumed was Kristen. Pulling on leggings a long sweater, Alana made quick work of combing out her hair and slipping on her fleece-lined boots.

The three of them were slumped around the island in the center of the kitchen, steaming mugs of something in their hands. When Alana entered the kitchen, her mother greeted her first.

    “Lana! Good, you’re home. I wasn’t sure if you’d still be shopping.”
    “My car is out front.”
    “Is it? Oh, I’m such a basket case around the holidays. Anyway, darling, come, I want you to meet Kristen, your cousin's girlfriend.”

Alana came forward and reached out to shake Kristen’s hand, both of them smiling with awkward uncertainty.

    “Hi,” Alana said.     “Hi, nice to meet you.”
    “Yeah, you as well.”

Kristen looked away and took a sip from her mug. She had light blonde hair and brown eyes. She wore her hair long around her face, a style Alana had always wished she could manage, but she had never been able to make it more than an hour without needing to pull it back into a clip of some kind.

Andy had said Kristen was from California, and she looked the part. Her skin was tan from the extended months of sunlight, her body lean and toned, probably from pilates or yoga or something. She was new to the cold, too, that much was certain – the large snow coat, furry boots, and thick wool scarf that were piled atop the table were stylish but far too heavy for the climate. They weren’t in Alaska, after all.

    “What? Why are you two laughing? Telling jokes about me already?” Andy said, moving to slip his arm around Kristen’s waist.
    “I could, if you want,” Alana said.
    “Save it for when I’m not around, thanks.”
    “Lana, honey,” their mother broke in, handing her a steaming mug of her own. Apple cider.
“Are you finished shopping for the day?” She took a sip, burning her lip.
    “Ow! No um, not necessarily, why?”
    “Well it’s just I need your cousin to drive me out to see Nana, and I’d hate to force poor Kristen into visiting the old folks just yet. I thought it would be nice if you girls could go out and do something this afternoon. Spend the day in town before it starts storming again.”

Alana looked at Kristen, who was smiling a bit sheepishly, clearly uncomfortable at being the cause for such trouble. In truth, Alana had been looking forward to spending the afternoon in, wrapping presents and listening to Christmas music, maybe even baking something. But her mother’s embarrassing attempt at making Kristen feel welcome made Alana feel bad for the other girl.

    “Of course, yeah, that’d be fun.”
    “Wonderful! Good, that’s settled. You see, Andy? No problem at all. I’ll just get my coat and we can go. Nana is dying to see you, Andrew.”

Alana shot a victorious look at her cousin as he slouched out of the room behind her mother, reverting to his childhood habit of mouthing sarcastic, over the top threats of retribution at his older cousin all the while.

When they had gone, Alana turned to Kristen.
    “So, what do you want to do? Shopping? Lunch? We could see if there’s a movie playing.”

Kristen smiled and nodded, seeming to relax a bit. “A movie sounds fun. I could go for some popcorn and red vines.”

As Andy’s Jeep backed out of the driveway, Alana and Kristen stood in the mudroom pulling on their jackets and scarves. Alana shrugged her green coat up and over her shoulders, and bent her head to fumble with the zipper. The whisper of soft hands on her neck startled her, and she looked around to find Kristen behind her.

    “Your hair was caught,” Kristen said, releasing the strands that she had pulled from beneath the jacket. She smoothed them down Alana’s back.
    “You have the most gorgeous hair. What do you use on it?”
    “Oh, um, just a volumizing shampoo, really,” she replied, a sudden buzzing in her chest having stolen away her ability for further speech.
    “Really? That’s all? It’s lovely.”
Alana smiled.

At the Cineplex, they decided on a romantic comedy that neither of them had seen, and Alana bought the tickets, insisting that Kristen was the guest. As they settled in to watch the trailers, Kristen bent to murmur in Alana’s ear.
    “Thanks for treating. The next one is on me.”

A whiff of Kristen’s perfume, sweet and fruity, swirled under Alana’s nose, and the warmth of her breath against Alana’s neck sent a flurry of unexpected butterflies into her stomach.

Throughout the movie, Alana found herself stealing glances at Kristen, trying to make out what it was that fascinated her so about the blonde. She was beautiful of course, but it was more than a simple admiration, or even jealousy. And Alana was at a loss to explain it.

When the on-screen heroine finally kissed her Mr. Right, Alana felt her cheeks burning, and tried to catch a glimpse of Kristen without turning her head. But it was when Alana’s eyes were fixed on the screen, her attention on the final scenes of the movie, that she felt Kristen’s hand, no, just her fingertips, pressing on her knee.

Alana’s heart began to thunder in her ears. Though a voice in her head told her to extricate herself from the situation, she did not move. For the last several minutes of the film, she let Kristen’s hand rest, only just, on the round of her knee, never looking over at her, and wondering what it all meant.


    “So,” Alana said as they drove home. “How long have you been with my cousin?”
    “Three months or so. He’s a great guy. I really like him.”

Alana let the words hang without a reply, not knowing the proper way of mentioning how contrary that thought was to the recent flirting. It was Kristen, however, who mentioned it first.

    “Sorry if I, um, made you uncomfortable,” she said. “Andy knows that I, you know, like girls, too. He’s okay with it. But I didn’t mean to make it weird. I just think you’re really pretty.”
    “Well thanks, but, I mean, isn’t that cheating?”
    “Alana,” she laughed. “All I did was touch your leg.”
    “Yes, okay, but still…”
    “Look, Andy and I have talked about this. He doesn’t want me hooking up with other guys, but when it comes to girls, I don’t think he’s all that threatened by it.”

Again, Alana couldn’t think of anything to say. No matter what Andy thought about his girlfriend’s preferences, Alana wasn’t sure how she felt about being on the receiving end of them.

    “Don’t tell me you’ve never kissed a girl before. You went to college, right?”
Alana had to laugh.
    “Ok, yes, maybe once or twice when I was drinking. But that’s different. I mean I’ve never, had sex with a girl.”
    “It’s fun.”
    “Oh my god,” Alana laughed, deciding to be amused and incredulous rather than embarrassed.
    “Seriously!” Kristen continued. “Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice big dick as much as the next girl, but when it comes to going down, girls are way better than guys.”

Alana pulled up in front of the house and threw the car into park.
    “You seemed a lot shyer than this a few hours ago,” she joked.
    “Well, maybe you’ve warmed me up a bit.”

They stared at each other from across the center console for a moment, Alana searching for the right witty comeback to Kristen’s remark.

But then, Kristen leaned forward, steadying her hand on Alana’s leg, and reached her lips up to Alana’s. She hesitated for a moment, but when there was no resistance Kristen parted her soft lips and wrapped them around Alana’s. She held them there for long moments, moving them only to coax Alana’s lips into opening a little wider, and to take Alana’s bottom lip more fully between her own.

Heat flooded Alana’s chest and between her legs, though she dared not move as Kristen guided the kiss along. When Kristen at last pulled away, she lingered near Alana’s face, smiling.
    “We should go inside,” Alana managed to say.
    “No, I mean, Andy’s car is in the driveway. We should head inside.”
    “Oh. Right.”

Kristen pulled back to her side of the car and gathered up her purse, the hint of a grin still playing across her mouth.


Alana tried to keep to herself the rest of the day. She shut her door with the excuse of wrapping presents and listened to the others through the wall, talking and laughing and getting to know Kristen.
Soon, dinner smells began drifting in from under the door. She was just beginning to wonder when her mother would call her to eat when there was a knock.
    “Ok ma, I’ll be right there.”
    “It’s me.”

Alana looked up to see Kristen standing in her doorway. Since they’d come home from the movies, Kristen had shed her heavy winter clothes and changed into jeans and a white top. The scoop neck revealed her high, round breasts and swelling cleavage. Alana followed the dip between them to the hard points which strained against the cotton fabric despite the heater pumping warm air through the house.
    “Oh. Hi.”
    “Your mom says dinner is ready.”
    “Okay. I’m just about done with these anyway.”

Kristen stayed hovering in the doorway as Alana got to her feet and made to follow her into dinner.
    “Lana,” Kristen said when they were close. “You don’t have to avoid me. I won’t try to kiss you again, I promise.”

She reached out and tucked a strand of Alana’s dark hair behind her ear. “I think you’re hot, but I get it, not all girls are into it.”
    “No, it’s not that, it’s just…”
    “So you are into it?”
    “You’re Andy’s girlfriend!”
    “Yes. And I’ve explained all that already. But I’m serious, I won’t bug you, okay?”
    “Okay,” Alana said, watching Kristen walk away and wondering if it actually was.

Somehow, she ended up sitting across from Kristen at dinner, staring down at her food to avoid staring at Kristen’s lips and exposed skin. After the dishes were done, Andy went to the liquor cabinet and pulled down tumblers and bottles and stirred up what he referred to as “Santa’s special sauce.”

They sat around the coffee table and played Scrabble, sipped Andy’s cocktails, and told stories about childhood Christmases.

The fire and the alcohol soon had them all red-faced and toasty, and before they had felt the time pass the clock was chiming midnight. Kristen leaned against her Andy's chest, her blonde head resting on his shoulder. He rubbed her bare arm absently. She closed her eyes and sighed. Alana bit her lip and drained the rest of her drink.

    “Well, I’ll leave you kids to it,” their mother said, yawning. “I’m off to bed.”
    “Mmm, yeah, I’m sleepy, too,” Kristen said, nudging Andy to stand.

Then they were all standing, putting the game away and setting the glasses in the sink.
    “Night,” Alana called as she shut the door to her room.

She stripped down to a t-shirt and underwear and crawled between the covers. A pleasant humming had taken over her brain, the liquor having done its work. And now that she was alone, she did not try to stop the images that had been tugging at her mind all day. Kristen kissing her. Kristen touching her. Pushing the tank top off of Kristen’s breasts and taking them in her hands and mouth.

Alana closed her eyes and slipped her finger around the fabric of her panties, circling over her clit. She let out the breath she had been holding in.

The door clicked and she jumped, hauling herself into a sitting position as if she had been there all along.
    “Can I come in? Andy’s snoring. I can’t sleep.”

When Alana didn’t answer, Kristen came fully into the room and shut the door quietly. A shaft of streetlight cut through the bedroom window, catching her long, bare legs as she walked across the floor and sat down on the edge of the bed.
    “I’m glad you’re still awake. I’m not tired and Andy’s completely passed out. He’s such a bad drunk.”

Kristen, like Alana, had gotten ready for bed, and now a tank top was the only thing covering her breasts. She’d taken off her make-up and brushed out her hair, and somehow, it made her even sexier.
    “But if you’re going to bed I can go watch tv or something…”

Alana took Kristen’s mouth in a sudden, hungry kiss. Surprised at first, Kristen soon kissed her back, letting Alana move her head and her mouth and responding to the eager, hurried lips and tongue of the dark-haired girl.

Alana dropped her hand to Kristen’s chest and pulled down the neck of the tank top. She ran her palms over Kristen’s tight nipples and squeezed the firm mounds of her breasts, pushing against her until Kristen leaned back and let Alana lay her down on the bed.

Alana marveled at her own need of this, desperate to have Kristen naked, to feel the hot, forbidden parts of this gorgeous girl even if she wasn’t supposed to. She pulled the tank top down until it was belted around Kristen’s slim waist, drinking in the sight of her naked breasts and hard, dark nipples.

Kristen was trailing her fingers along Alana’s arm, a slight touch that made Alana shiver. But when her fingers moved to Alana’s chest and passed over one of the nipples through the thin fabric of the t-shirt, Alana sucked in a breath and looked down. Kristen stroked the nipples to hardness and then plucked at them just hard enough to draw a sigh. She covered Alana’s breasts with her hands.

    “You’ve got such incredible tits,” Kristen breathed.
    “Thanks,” Alana said, a little embarrassed suddenly. Kristen ran a hand up the inside of Alana’s shirt.
    “Can I take your shirt off?”
When Alana was topless too, they were silent a moment, Kristen still massaging Alana’s chest.
    “Kiss me again,” Kristen whispered.

Alana obeyed, the kiss no less fevered the second time. This time, however, she let her lips wander down the sweet skin of Kristen’s neck and throat, and finally to the softness of her breasts. She took one of the nipples in her mouth and sucked on it, flicking her tongue around it, hardly knowing what she was doing other than what the need in her gut told her to do.

Kristen tilted her chin back and moaned, twining her hands into Alana’s hair and brushing it back from her face. When the kisses began to move even lower, and she felt Alana hesitate, Kristen tugged lightly on her hair and urged her to look up.
    “You first,” she said. “It’s your first time, after all.”

They sat up, Kristen pressing more kisses onto Alana’s lips, guiding her this time into gentler movements. She lay Alana down on the bed and began the same play as Alana had just finished, taking her nipples into her mouth and teasing them with her tongue. As she did, Kristen’s hand worked its way down Alana’s stomach, sneaking inside the cotton and elastic and easing open the hot, slick folds of skin. She smiled.
    “You’re so wet already.”
    “I’ve wanted to fuck you all day,” Alana ground out, shocking herself with the revelation.
    “I know,” Kristen said. “So have I.”

When Kristen moved her mouth down the line of Alana’s stomach, she did not hesitate, and pulled the panties down and off Alana’s legs with delicate precision. Gently, she helped Alana’s thighs to widen, opening her. For a moment, Alana knew she could stop, call this off if she really wanted to. But then, the moment was over.

Kristen’s tongue drew a long, slow line across Alana’s clit, returning again as soon as it had left to pepper that little bead with a steady fluttering that turned into a greedy sucking, and then back again to soft, wet circles.

Alana’s breath caught in her chest. She grabbed handfuls of bed sheet and tried not to make too much noise as Kristen brought her, in very little time, to the edge of climax.

Kristen slipped a finger inside her, pulsing up and down against the other side of Alana’s clit, even as her tongue worked it without cease from the outside.
    “Oh my god,” Alana panted, “oh my god, I’m going to come!”

Kristen moaned, and the vibration against Alana’s clit broke the wave of her orgasm over her in violent, shuddering spasms. Her back arched, and she clutched at Kristen’s blonde hair and pressed her harder against her shaking skin.

    “Oh my god,” Alana said again, her voice close to tears at the unexpected force of her orgasm. She rolled her head to the side and tried to catch her breath.

Kristen sat up beside her and smiled. “You’re so sexy, Lana. I can’t believe no girl has ever done that for you before.”
    “Should I, return the favor?”
Kristen giggled. “Don’t worry about it. Relax. Enjoy the glow. You can just owe me one.”
    “But what about you?”
    “I liked seeing you get off. It was hot. And it can be our little nighttime secret. Girl time.”

Kristen leaned in and gave Alana another soft kiss.
    “If that’s all right with you?”
Alana cupped Kristen’s cheek and deepened the kiss, tasting herself on Kristen’s lips and tongue.
    “Yes,” she replied. “I think it is.”

Copyright ScarletGirl.com

Michele London is an author, editor, and romance consultant with Scarlet Girl. She is a regular contributor to Scarlet’s Letter and the archive of articles at ScarletGirl.com. She writes dark fiction and erotic fantasy, and dips into real-life tales of sexy for the lovely ladies as a Scarlet Girl pleasure party consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you like this bit of erotica, and would like to see more, please let us know.
In the meantime, for 10% off the items of your choice from ScarletGirl.com, just enter code "HH12" into the Coupon Section at checkout.

This article was added to our catalog on Wednesday 12 December, 2012.

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