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Myths & Truths about Romance & Marriage
Myths & Truths about Romance & Marriage

10 Myths & 10 Truths about Romance & Marriage

by Gary Jacobs

10 Myths
  • Marriage makes romance permanent.

  • The intense longing I feel for my partner will become permanent sweet intensity if only we can always be together.

  • Romantic fulfillment is achieved by finding my perfect partner or soul mate.

  • Our relationship will be happy and harmonious if only my partner agrees to follow my advice.

  • Most of our problems arise because I and my partner are so different from one another.

  • Our relationship will become harmonious if only my partner agrees to change.

  • Problems in our relationship prove that I have chosen the wrong partner.

  • My partner's attraction to others of the opposite sex proves he/she does not really love me.

  • Unless I react and protest what I find unacceptable, my partner will never change for the better.

  • I have lost the feeling of romance because my partner doesn't keep me happy.

  • 10 Truths
  • My partner's attention and affection towards me is the measure of my attention and affection towards my partner.

  • Relationships are spoiled when the partners compete and try to dominate one another.

  • A partner's love and goodwill is a most powerful source of protection.

  • Romance doesn't last because partners stop trying to please one another and instead demand to be pleased.

  • Physical, sexual attraction to another is a misleading and unreliable index of love, romance or marital compatibility.

  • The qualities we dislike in our partner always represent corresponding qualities in ourself.

  • The best strategy for successful relationship is to always be positive, never react negatively to your partner.

  • Cheerfulness is the surest and strongest foundation for lasting love and romance.

  • Romance depends on your attitude toward your partner, not on you partner's attributes.

  • The formula for romantic compatibility is complementarity on a bedrock of similarity. Contrast generates the intensity, sameness generates the harmony.

  • About The Author
    Jacobs is an American-born consultant on business management, economic and social development with extensive international experience in USA, Western and Eastern Europe, and India.

    He has been working in Pondicherry, India since 1973, where he is Vice-President of MSS Research, the social science research division of The Mother's Service Society, engaged in research on issues related to peace and development, including strategies to for economic growth, employment, agriculture, knowledge dissemination, education, technology transfer and credit. He was a member of the Indian Planning Commissionís Task Force on Vision 2020 and editor of its report.

    He was elected a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science in 1995, elected to the Board of Trustees in 2005 and is also Chairman of the Academyís Standing Committee on Peace and Development.

    He is also Executive Director, International Center for Peace & Development, Napa, California (www.icpd.ord), the successor organization to the International Commission on Peace & Food (ICPF), which conducts research on strategies to promote global peace and development. From 1989 to 1994, He was Member-Secretary of ICPF, convener of ICPFís working groups on Employment and on Transition in Eastern Europe, coordinator of the ICPF research team that evolved a strategy to generate 100 million new jobs in India, and editor of the Commissionís report to the UN entitled UNCOMMON OPPORTUNITIES: Agenda for Peace and Equitable Development.

    Jacobs is author of several books on business management and development. He has a BA in psychology from the University of California.

    This article was added to our catalog on Thursday 12 January, 2012.

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