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Valentine's Day Vixens
Valentine\'s Day Vixens

Valentine’s Day Vixens

by Lola LeBlanc

Ah February, the month of love! It’s a time of year when many of us have the desire to try something new. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, for some reason February teases out our inner vixens.

It could be the sudden oversaturation of pink balloons, red roses, boxes of chocolate, teddy bears, and oversized cards, or just the sensation that spring is on the way, but there something about the month of February where we feel sexually unstoppable. We may go to a singles party, wear naughty red lingerie under every day clothes, re-seduce a long term partner, or have hot steamy sex with someone new. It’s where we become Valentine’s Day Vixens!

Channeling your Vixen
Now there are various ways to channel your VDV (Valentine’s Day Vixen), and it must be noted that VDV presents differently in many women. The single woman may be triggered by candy, flowers, balloons, diamonds, or other visual stimulation on Valentine's Day, thus prompting her to unleash her vixen. The single VDV may be seen out with friends at parties, wearing her hottest dress, or purchasing herself the best present (or three!) for Valentine's Day.

Clothing, Jewelry, yada yada yada... Toys!
But this year instead of a great pair of jeans, shoes, or a purse, I recommend a new toy! It can be very empowering for a VDV to choose a Valentine gift of pleasure for herself. For the VDV that enjoys G-spot stimulation I recommend the Tickle Her G-Spot Package! This compact set comes with G-spot stimulation gel, finger-sized G-spot vibe, and a treasure map to your G-Spot.

Discover Your Passion
The VDV-ers in a relationship may temporarily have vixen levels that are a little lower than those who are single, mainly due to the hum-drum feeling that can become associated with routine or uninspired Valentine’s Day gifts and activities. As a result, Valentine’s Day can feel more like a task than a day to enjoy one another’s company in the bedroom.

To combat this hum-drum feeling it is important to try to new things as a couple (I know I preach this a lot but it’s true!). Whether you are married, been with your partner for years, or are celebrating your first Valentine’s Day together, there are things you can do to bring out your inner vixen, and it’s great to challenge yourself in the bedroom, since it can lead to very passionate and creative sex! So I recommend the Discover Your Lover Board Game as a great way to learn about the fantasies and desires of your partner. Your three E’s (ecstasy, excitement, and exploration) will also be unleashed when you play this game, and one night of exploration and passion can potentially change your sex life!

I love your big sexy brain...
Communication is key to satisfaction, and if your particular style of VDV allows you to have a intense, sexy conversation about your desires with no prompting or outside encouragement, go for it! But if you need a little push, a game to get the good times rolling is the right choice!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the only time you unleash your VDV; bring it out when you want to spice things up and try anything new. If you are interested in purchasing anything mentioned in this article enter sale code "VDAYVIXEN" in the coupon section at online checkout to receive a 20% discount on your order, plus free Priority Shipping. Want to know more about how you can add a little more passion for the month of love?  Email your questions to me at Lola @ scarletgirl.com, and I'll address your question in an upcoming article.

Remember to love yourself first. If you don’t have love for yourself, then you won’t be able to love someone else. Lola loves you!

Lola LeBlanc loves to share! She believes that every woman should have a sex life full of love, passion, and satisfaction. She believes in the three E’s; ecstasy, excitement, and exploration with every sexual experience.

Lola’s knowledge and tips come from her health education background and her own personal experiences. She loves to explore the world of sexuality to bring you the best tips and tricks to enhance your sex life!
Remember whatever Lola wants…well you know the rest!

copyright 2010 www.ScarletGirl.com

This article was added to our catalog on Monday 08 February, 2010.

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