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C-Rings: Special jewelry for extra special times
C-Rings: Special jewelry for extra special times

Cock Rings: What can they do for you?

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A C-Ring (or cock ring) is one of the most versatile and widely used sex toys around. In fact cock rings are so common, many no longer even really think of them sex toys!

A cock ring is typically worn at the base of the penis, and works to gently restrict blood flow. Since most men we know regard their penis as sacred and more important than all the Super Bowl wins and muscle cars in creation, you might be wondering why anyone would want to restrict the blood there at all. There are actually a few benefits to using a cock ring It makes an erection firmer, longer lasting, and more sensitive. Oh, and it can make your Johnson look bigger too!

What are the benefits?
Aside from making your stuff look huuuuuuge?
We kid, we kid! A cock ring won’t make you look that big, but it can make your erection appear larger and stiffer than usual.

A cock ring can be helpful for men who find they become soft before climax, both by increasing sensitivity and physically supporting the erection by restricting the flow of blood out of the shaft again. This can be especially useful for men who sometimes experience difficulty maintaining an erection, due to age, medication, or previous injury. But by no means is the use, or enjoyment, of a cock ring limited by these reasons.

When a man ejaculates the greater engorgement caused by the pressure of the cock ring at the base of his penis can actually make his orgasm feel more intense. Although many men find that a cock ring can make them more sensitive to touch (in a good way!), most also find that a ring helps to give them a little more staying power. And because blood stays in the penis longer, many men find that they can stay harder longer - sometimes even after ejaculation.

*Safety Note: When using a cock ring with a condom, always withdraw the penis before it becomes soft again, to avoid semen leaking from the condom, or the condom slipping off.

How does it work?
Basically, a cock ring allows blood to flow into the shaft of the penis normally, but slightly restricts the flow out. When a ring is worn at the base of the penis it allows blood to flow into the shaft of an erection and keeps it there, making the penis firmer.

During arousal the smooth muscle tissue inside the penis relaxes and the blood vessels dilate. Blood begins to flow into the corpora cavernosa, or erectile bodies, of the penis and once the corpora cavernosa is engorged the penis becomes erect.

The swelling then puts pressure on veins in the penis which are squeezed almost completely shut, keeping the blood in the shaft, and maintaining the erection. Placing a ring on the erect or semi-erect penis helps by keeping (or at least slowing down) the blood from leaking back out of the veins again, once it is there.

Think of a plastic bag filled with water; if you tie off the end, the water remains inside, and the bag stays full and turgid. If you leave it open a little, then the water just kind of leaks out and the bag becomes limp again.

How do I wear a cock ring?
There are two basic ways to wear a c-ring. It can be worn at the base of the penis, in front of the scrotum. Or, the cock ring can be worn behind the scrotum, pushing it up and forward. How to wear a ring is largely a matter of personal preference.

How do I choose a cock ring?
Although cockrings can be made from many things, at Scarlet Girl we recommend soft stretchy rings made from materials like silicone, latex, or rubber for safety. Other materials like fabric, Velcro, or leather are also fine, as long as they are adjustable and simple to remove.

The ring should be soft enough to be stretched out or opened for easy application and removal, but snug enough to grip the erection firmly. A stretchy ring can be put on whether the penis is erect or not. Although there are many cock rings available in wood, metal, or hard plastic, meant to be put on when the penis is soft or semi-erect, these can become unsafe, because they can become extremely difficult to remove.

A cock ring should be easily removed, to avoid possible injury to the penis. A ring that is too tight can actually cause prolonged and excess swelling, and an erection lasting over 3 hours can cause permanent damage.

Cock Ring Styles
Yeah, who knew? There are actually many different styles to choose from, but we’ll keep it pretty basic here.

Vibrating rings:
The single vibrating cock ring can be worn with the vibrator facing up, to provide more clitoral stimulation for a female partner, or down for greater stimulation of testicles during sex.

The vibrating cock ring with two vibrators is designed so that each partner has constant stimulation. One vibrator on top is for stimulation of your partner’s clitoris, and the other vibrator facing down is for stimulation of the testicles.

There is also the disposable vibrating cock ring, which may come with or without a condom, and is meant to be used once and thrown away.

Non-Vibrating rings:
The possibilities within the realm are nearly endless, thanks to modern science! You can find nearly any color, shape, or size your might want.

Some are small, simple rings that resemble thick rubber bands, but there are also many that have a flattened shape with textured nubs, meant to provide greater stimulation for your partner. These tend to be slightly less stretchy, so you will usually need to use a lubricant to put these on, but they are still very soft and safe.

Lasso Style:
Remember bolero ties? Lasso style cock rings look a lot like mini versions of that fun 80’s fashion accessory. They can be made from many materials, but the basic design is a long strand of plastic or fabric, with an adjustable closure. The closure can be metal or plastic, and slides up and down to change the size of the loop that creates the ring.

Snap On:
No, not like the tool brand. These are usually fabric or leather, and have snaps or Velcro to hold the ring shut. Snap closure rings are very easy to use, but be careful if you choose one with metal closures. They look great, but you or your partner could end up with some funny looking and uncomfortable little bruises or chafing

The thickness, design, and texture of a cock ring can be extremely varied, and are limited only by imagination. In general though, choosing something soft will provide the most pleasurable experience for you and your partner.

*Safety Note:* It is important not to wear a cock ring for more than 30 minutes at a time to avoid injuring the penis by trapping the blood for too long. If your genitals start to feel cold, you experience pain, or the swelling seems extreme, remove the ring immediately.

Leaving the ring on for too long can cause the blood to coagulate in the penis, making it difficult to loose the erection. This type of prolonged erection is called priapism, and while a prolonged erection may sound cool, trust us. It will involve a trip to the ER that will not be fun. So, unless you are experienced, stay away from hard rings that require a flaccid penis to remove, and don’t leave yours on for longer than a half hour.

Like most things in life your choice whether to use a ring, or what kind to choose, is a matter of personal preference. Half of the fun of lovemaking is discovering new ways to enhance it!

copyright ScarletGirl.com

This article was added to our catalog on Monday 14 May, 2007.

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