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Condoms as Foreplay: How to Apply a Condom Properly
Condoms as Foreplay: How to Apply a Condom Properly

Condoms as Foreplay: How to Apply a Condom Properly

by Lola LeBlanc

Are you looking for a new foreplay trick? If so, then try putting on his condom. I know it doesn't SOUND that exciting, but if you gotta use one you might as well make it fun! And for some men it can be a real turn on. By putting the condom on, you are showing him you want it, you want him, and best of all, you are making sure the condom is applied properly for safe, yet steamy, sex! If you follow these steps youíll have him wanting more in no time, and you'll turn what could feel like a break in the mood into a sexy moment of foreplay instead.

Step 1: Check the condom and pick the brand and style that works best for both of you. This means if you or your partner are allergic to certain types of condoms (like latex) or lubricants (some lubricants with spermicide can cause irritation), you should choose an alternative; there are hundreds of choices of shape, style, texture, and materials for condoms today.

I recommend pre-lubricated condoms, because they make for easy application and wetter sex. Personally,†I†like Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms because it feels almost like nothing is there! Or for a little added texture try Trojan Ultra Ribbed Lubricated Condoms to kick up the friction, and create more pleasure for both of you! Make sure you store your condoms in a cool place (read the leaflet included with your condoms for the recommend storage) to prevent breakdown. Don't keep condoms in a wallet (where body heat can break them down), or loose in a purse (where something could pierce the condom package).

Step 2: Check the date. Itís a simple step but if you use a condom that has expired, you have a higher chance of getting pregnant or catching an STD.† Remember, with perfect use condoms have a 98-99% success rate, and a success rate of 86-90%* with typical use. So make sure your condoms are well within the expiration date, and put one on before any sexual contact.

Step 3: Check for air. Yes air; if you hear any air coming from the unopened individual foil condom package, that could mean that there is a hole or puncture in the wrapper and/or the condom. Itís best to dispose of the condom and start with a new one if you suspect it could be damaged. To check, place the unopened condom package by your ear, and use your middle finger and thumb to press down on the foil package (while the condom is still enclosed in the unopened wrapper) to see if you hear the sound of air escaping. If you don't hear anything, you are one step closer to hot sex!

Step 4: Donít rip it. With both your hands roll the condom to the bottom of one end of the package, and then carefully tear the wrapper open. By doing this, the condom is out of the way, preventing an accidental tear.

Step 5: Now take him into your hand, or perhaps your mouth (a quick trip in your mouth, or a few stroke of lube with teasing hand motions) can remind him of what (or who!) is to come and lubricates him for the condom. This step is not strictly necessary, but itís a fun way to incorporate condoms into foreplay, and a little lubricant inside the condom can increase movement and sensation for him, and decrease the chances of breakage.

Step 6: Apply the condom, rolled side up (think of the shape of Santaís hat), holding the tip (the reservoir space for his ejaculate) with your fingers, and roll the condom all the way down the shaft of his hard penis. You should always apply the condom after he is hard. At this time you can apply more lube if you desire.

Step 7: Hop on and enjoy the ride!

Step 8: He should withdraw immediately after climax, while he is still hard, to reduce the chance of any spillage or of the condom sliding off. Remove the condom, starting at the base of the penis, carefully making sure you collect his appreciation. Depending on your partner, he may like a cool or warm towel to clean his penis. It is a much appreciated touch and it will keep him coming back for more!

Over time condom application gets easier. As you are more confident, remember to kiss, lick and suck when you can. Tease him a little bit by sitting on top of him, stroking him while grabbing a condom, or using the unwrapped condom to tickle him from his chest to his testicles. You can make it fun and sexy, all while being confident about your sexual health. Remember to always carry a condom or two in a protective container in your purse so you will never miss an opportunity, or be tempted to chance an unprotected encounter. Trust me, it always works for me! Try it out and let me know how it goes. You can send your tips, suggestions, or questions to me at Lola (at) ScarletGirl.com

To receive a special, free, gift from Scarlet Girl with your online purchase enter promo code "CONDOMS" in the Comment Section at checkout.

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condom
* http://www.sexedlibrary.org/index.cfm?pageId=788

Lola LeBlanc loves to share! She believes that every woman should have a sex life full of love, passion, and satisfaction. She believes in the three Eís; ecstasy, excitement, and exploration with every sexual experience.

Lolaís knowledge and tips come from her health background and her own personal experiences. She loves to explore the world of sexuality to bring you the best tips and tricks to enhance your sex life!
Remember whatever Lola wantsÖwell you know the rest!

If you have a question or would like a suggestion on how to improve or spice up your sex life please email her at Lola†(at) ScarletGirl.com. Look for your response in Lolaís Lessons, a monthly Q&A article coming up exclusively on Scarlet Girl!

This article was added to our catalog on Monday 15 February, 2010.

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