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Dear Scarlet Girl, I confess! The pleasure party was an absolute blast -- it was so much fun and...

Fun in Fremont, CA
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Scarlet Girl offers you a flexible way to earn extra income on a schedule that fits your life!

Explore a new full time career, or simply supplement your full time income by becoming a pleasure consultant.

Would you like to:
* Meet new people in a fun and festive atmosphere
   and actually make money by going to parties?
* Work on a schedule you control?
* Be a part of a team of smart professionals,
   with many different opportunities to work with other women?
* Bring more joy to the lives of other men, women, and couples?
   Did I mention you get to talk about sex, too?

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, contact us to request a free info packet on how you can become a pleasure party consultant.

Easy Start Up
It is easy and fun to become a pleasure party consultant. To begin you simply order your Consultant Display Kit, set up your training with us (as much or as little as you want), and schedule your first party. It's actually that simple!

Your Consultant Display Kit contains your display products, a downloadable consultant handbook, printable materials for marketing , and the ready to print stats on all of the products we carry (along with up-sell and sales tips!). Of course you also get your sales tools, too; catalogs and order forms, 250 business cards, and an official name badge. along with some sample presentation materials to help get you started. It's lock and load!

Start Up Financing is Available
To make getting your new business started as simple as possible Scarlet Girl offers a financing program for the Ultimate Consultant Display Kit, in addition to an "Angel Program" where friends and family can help you earn credit toward your start-up Consultant Display Kit.

There are several easy starter packages for new pleasure party consultants to choose from, and we're here to help as you start and grow your new business.  You can do it on your own schedule, and with as much or as little help as you need.

Sales Commission
It's simple and upfront. Simply assist your clients in placing their orders; Scarlet Girl will process payments and ship all orders directly to your clients (at no charge to you, ever!), then mail your commission check in about 3 business days. Easy and fast!

If an average party sales total is between $600 - $750, you could potentially make between $180 - $225, or more, for just a few of hours of work, with no out of pocket expense to you. Then you are done! That's potentially around $60 - $75 per hour - for going to a party.

Keep 100% of Your Commission
There are no monthly fees, no additional shipping or processing charges, and no cost to maintain a website.

Plus, the free gifts your hostess receives for hosting a party come from Scarlet Girl, and not out of your pocket. There are also rotating sales and special incentives for your clients, which are company sponsored. Basically, there are no hidden recurring charges, so you your sales commission stays in your pocket, where it belongs.

No Inventory Necessary
You don't have to buy inventory at a discount and sell it to your clients, and you don't have to lug it around with you, or track who received what, and who still needs to receive additional items. Simply submit the orders, and we'll take care of the rest, so you can spend your time doing what is important to you!

What makes us different?
Scarlet Girl Pleasure Parties is not a multi-level company, and what this means for you is your own sales are the only numbers that affect your commissions.

You are not constantly pressured to recruit new members to increase your commission, however there is a generous cash finders fee when someone you have introduced to the Scarlet Girl opportunity becomes an active consultant.

If you would like to develop your leadership skills you can take part in our company Mentor and Protégé program. When you become a Mentor you hone your own skills and knowledge, and earn additional income from the company.

Because we know you already have enough to do in your spare time, we handle all payment processing and order shipments for you.  There is no delivery of client orders sent to you to be re-packaged and re-shipped. 

Once you have completed a presentation at a pleasure party, and submitted your client's orders to our office, your work is basically done!  Everything is mailed from our offices directly to the client, and you get a commission check a few days later.

What could be easier?  So contact us with your questions, or for more info on how you can become a pleasure party consultant, and find a new "part time job" that you can do on your own time and your own terms.

Consultant Start Up Special
Oh, and it gets even better! We have extended the new consultant start up special through August 31, 2013!

You get two additional FREE vibes with your paid Consultant Display Kit. PLUS, you can now take 20% off of the usual cost!

So now when you choose a Consultant start up kit you will get so much more! There is even financing available to help you get started.

This article was added to our catalog on Tuesday 27 December, 2005.

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