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Spring Cleaning: 10 Things to Know About Keeping Your Vagina Hea
Spring Cleaning: 10 Things to Know About Keeping Your Vagina Hea

Spring Cleaning: Ten Things You Must Know to Keep Your Vagina Healthy!

By Lola LeBlanc

Pleasure is a big part of health.
So if you decide to treat yourself, use code "LLSPRING" at checkout for 10% off any pleasure item!

Spring is here! The blossoms are blooming and the birds are chirping. Spring, for some reason, gets us in the mood to prepare for love, the summer, or a new wardrobe! We feel the urge to be ready for something new, and clean out closets and those forgotten places under the bed, against the wall (do you find dusty condom wrappers under your bed, too?), and make way for the future.

So why not take that same approach with your vajayjay? If you look up vagina in the Urban Dictionary, it will say it is the best friend the penis will ever have. Well to that I say, YOU are the best friend your vagina will ever have. It’s up to you to keep it happy, fit, and healthy for all that you desire. Many women have questions on how to keep their lady parts clean (Can I use soap? Should I douche? What about scented products?) but are embarrassed to ask. Well today’s your lucky day! Below is what you need to know to have a happy and healthy vagina!

Ten Things You Must Know to Keep Your Vagina Healthy!

Balance: Your vagina has a self regulating system that is designed to keep it healthy. The vagina is cleaner than the mouth (weird right?) because it has its own kind of ecosystem to keep the bacteria and microorganisms in there in order. In a nutshell, the good bacteria (lactobacilli, the stuff found in yogurt) fight the bad bacteria and keeps them out of your reproductive system.

What am I smelling?: Ever wanted to know what your healthy vagina should smell like? What's normal, and what's not? Well, it should have a slightly sweet, pungent odor. Everyone is different and your smell and discharge can change during your menstrual cycle and with some birth control methods (thicker discharge to stop sperm from getting in there, for example). But, if you ever notice a fishy kind of smell, see your doctor ASAP. It means your vagina is unhappy and needs some attention to see if there is any irritation, or an infection like vaginosis.

Regular Visits to the Doc!: It is important to see your Gynecologist! This is how your vagina gets its report card. A pap smear, STD tests, and checking in about any concerns is the best way to keep your vagina healthy. Remember, anytime you are unsure of something when it comes to your nether regions, call your doctor. That’s what they are there for!

Discharge: The watery, oily substance that can give vaginas their slippery feel or shine is your discharge. Discharge is what is inside of your vagina and thanks to gravity and natural increases in discharge it also comes out. So don’t freak out; that feature comes standard with vaginas. To prevent excessive build up from oils and sweat (which sometimes has nothing better to do than collaborate to cause infection, which is never fun) that accumulate throughout the day, bathe regularly to keep as clean as possible.

The True Touch and Feel of Cotton: We all have boy shorts, thongs, panties, or a melting pot of underwear fun, but keep in mind cotton is the best way to go. Cotton is breathable and allows air to get down there and helps her breathe. Circulation is important to reduce build up in your vagina.

To Douche or not to Douche?: That is the question. To not douche is the answer. Douches tend to clean too much by taking away the good bacteria needed to keep balance. Douches can also lead to increased inflammation like vaginitis, which is caused by bad bacteria and can also include yeast infections).

The best way to clean your vagina is with a washcloth or hands. You can use a small amount of mild unscented soap (scented soap can cause irritation) and with your fingers or towel gently rub the outside of your vagina to get the regular build up out. Then rinse with water, but make sure the water is not too hot, to prevent irritation. Remember, you don't need to wash inside the vagina since it’s constantly flushing itself; basically it already has its own built in cleaner. Douching is the enemy of the vagina, so stick to the external cleaning method (using your own fingers during the morning shower sounds like much more fun, anyway).

Tampons: Make sure you do not leave your tampon in too long; not more than 6 hours. After 6 hours an increase of your normal build up occurs, and can lead to toxic shock syndrome (TSS) . A good way to avoid this possibility is to use smaller sized tampons and to change them more frequently. For pad users, changing pads frequently also helps prevent rashes that can appear around the vagina when a pad is worn too long.

Should it Smell like Flowers?: Sprays and scented soaps can lead to irritation and/or infection, since scents are designed to stay on top of the skin. A scented product can disrupt your vaginal balance. For you bath lovers, bubble baths can have the same effect as perfumes and strong detergents, and can also lead to vaginal dryness; so be careful. Use scented products in moderation and stop use completely if your vagina reacts negatively.

Sperm can do what?: Did you know that condoms can do more than protect you against pregnancy and STDs? Condoms help keep your vagina clean. Sperm can sometimes disrupt the balance of your vagina and cause a temporary increase in odor. Yet another great reason to wrap it up!

Foreplay? Yes Please!: It is important to be clean! This means if your foreplay of choice is a little (or a lot) of finger action, then make sure your partner washes his or her hands thoroughly. I’m talking cleaning under the nails, and singing the entire happy birthday song while you wash (it's good way to measure that you have washed your hands long enough) so that no outside bacteria gets in there to throw off your vagina’s natural balance.

If you like whipped cream, sugar, jam, honey, syrup or anything sugar based drizzled all over your little kitty, you are increasing your chances of a yeast infection. Sugar and yeast are BFFs and when the two meet in your body, they cause yeast infections. Try a dental dam or plastic wrap over your vagina to prevent the sugar from getting in there, put the desserts on your breasts and keep the sweets above the equator, or better yet choose a flavored product that is actually safe for foreplay!

Remember your vagina’s health starts with you. You know it better than anyone else, so continue to do what works for you to keep it happy and healthy, and continue to give your vagina lots of love and attention!

I hope you learned some new ways to maintain your love machine too! I would love to hear from you, send your tips, suggestions, or questions to me at Lola (at) ScarletGirl.com.

Copyright ScarletGirl.com

Lola LeBlanc loves to share!  She believes that every woman should have a sex life full of love, passion, and satisfaction.  She believes in the three E’s; ecstasy, excitement, and exploration with every sexual experience.

Lola’s knowledge and tips come from her background in health and her own personal experiences.  She loves to explore the world of sexuality to bring you the best tips and tricks to enhance your sex life!
Remember whatever Lola wants…well you know the rest!

This article was added to our catalog on Wednesday 12 May, 2010.

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